"The Best Purchase I've Ever Made for My Pet"

(Said by Almost Every Customer)

The Bowl Your Pet Has Been Dreaming About

The first feeder of its kind, the Fluff Trough was invented by a pug mom looking for a better way to feed her pug who struggled to eat from traditional feeders. The Fluff Trough is changing how we feed our pets because it was designed to solve common feeding problems encountered with other bowls.

  • Available in Two Sizes - Please See Size Guide
  • Vet Recommended
  • BPA Free - Non-Toxic - Food Safe
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Patented Ergonomic Design to Promote Better Digestion
  • Ships Worldwide
Best Feeder for Pets

We have thousands of happy customers from around the world! Please read our reviews!

Can You See the Difference?

Pokie is unable to eat in a comfortable position from a traditional pet bowl. It forces her to bend her legs and lean over in an unnatural position. She looks like a different dog eating from the Fluff Trough! Her posture is more natural and she doesn't have to bend her neck at a 90-degree angle.

Great for Messy Eaters

Does your pet push food out of their bowl? The Fluff Trough has higher walls to help keep more food in the bowl. 

Safe for Pets

The Fluff Trough is BPA free and made with the high-quality, food safe materials. It's modern design looks great in any home.

The Fluff Trough has a flat back so you can set it against the wall for added support. 

Works great with
all food types

@thefrenchiegaston looks hungry!

Cleanup is Easy!

Each Fluff Trough includes a dishwasher safe FDA silicone insert.

Customize Your Fluff Trough

Add any custom text to your Fluff Trough in your choice of 3 different font styles and 4 rad colors