"The Best Purchase I've Ever Made for My Pet"

(Said by Almost Every Customer*)

The Bowl Your Pet Has Been Dreaming About

The first pet feeder of its kind, the Fluff Trough was invented by a dog mom looking for a better and safer way to feed her pug who struggled to eat from traditional feeders. 

The Fluff Trough is vet-approved and has everything you and your pet could ever want in a pet feeder. See why! 

Customer Reviews  

Vet Reviews

Thousands of Happy Customers

These are the best dog food bowl ever created, especially if you have brachycephalic dogs. I initially ordered two for my two special needs Frenchies who have IVDD. I’ve tried many elevated bowls, but for the first time they were truly able to eat in comfort. You can’t find a better bowl for these breeds

Jennifer P.

We are so happy with our new bowls! Mess free! Finally my French bulldog eats without making himself and everything around his bowl a mess! They are right height for my dogs and they don’t move around on the floor. Also very easy to clean and look so neat!

Anna B.

This bowl is a total game changer for our Pug Ms. Dixie Rose! We’ve tried at least 10 other dog bowls & none of them have worked to slow down her “vacuum type” approach to eating! If anyone is looking for a bowl that actually works in slowing down your dogs’ eating (so that they don’t inhale their food), I highly recommend this brand! 

Steph K.

Of all the products I've purchased for my pugs, this is by far the one I love the most! Now I will be purchasing more for my foster pugs!

Becky F.

Very sturdy well made product, love the way it doesn’t move on the floor with the help of the feet pads provided. Great for our English bullies.Totally recommend for quality, easy clean-up, no mess eating, and most of all ease of eating out of for the fur babies no matter what you’re feeding them!

Charles L.


The Fluff Trough is changing how we feed our pets because it was designed to solve common feeding problems encountered with other bowls. Can you imagine enjoying a meal without the proper dishware? 

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The Difference

Other elevated feeders force your pet to hunch over and squish their face in a bowl to eat. The Fluff Trough has a patented open front design so your pet can eat in a more ergonomic position. 

Great for Messy Eaters

Does your pet push food out of their bowl? The Fluff Trough has higher walls to help keep more food in the bowl. 

Safe for Pets

The Fluff Trough is BPA free and made with the high-quality, food safe materials. It's modern design looks great in any home.

The Fluff Trough has a flat back so you can set it against the wall for added support. 

Works great with
all food types

@thefrenchiegaston looks hungry!

Cleanup is Easy!

Each Fluff Trough includes a dishwasher safe FDA silicone insert.

Customize Your Fluff Trough

Add any custom text to your Fluff Trough in your choice of 3 different font styles and 4 rad colors