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Thank you for supporting small business!
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Fluff Trough: A Life-Changing Pet Bowl


The Fluff Trough vs. Other Elevated Bowls

✔️The patent-pending Fluff Trough has an open front design so your pet doesn't have to bend their neck down at a 90-degree angle and squish their face in a bowl to eat. This can help promote a healthier and more comfortable dining experience.

✔️The higher sides of the bowl helps pets scoop food into their mouths instead of on the floor. 

✔️The Fluff Trough has a wider surface area than most bowls so you can spread your pet's food out more so your pet is not taking big gulps of food in one bite. This can help promote slower feeding. 

✔️ The Fluff Trough has a flat back so you can set it against a wall for extra support. This is great for dogs that push their food bowls around.

Non-Toxic & Food Safe

Customize your Pet's Fluff Trough

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