Did you know that the way your pet eats can affect the health of both their spine and mouth?

Most domestic dogs and cats don’t eat how nature intended because traditional pet feeders force them to stand over a bowl, bending their head and neck down to eat at an unnatural and uncomfortable angle.

To eat, dogs and cats have to use their entire jaw and head to get food in their mouth. After prey has been captured, dogs and cats eat lying down with their neck and back straight in order to protect their food.

The position your pet eats can affect their spinal health, as well as contribute to oral health issues.

How It Works

1. Determine Size and Style

Determine what size and style Fluff Trough is best for your pet by how much food you feed per serving and head size. We offer two size Fluff Troughs.

Please note we only currently offer the Binge Blocker slow feeder insert and Stainless Steel insert for the standard Fluff Trough (not the XL).

2. Choose Accessories

Add helpful accessories like extra inserts and stackable lifts to customize the height for your pet and create a perfect dining experience.

Most pet parents regret not ordering extra inserts so they can have one in use and one in the dishwasher to make cleanup easy!

3. Customize Your Fluff Trough

Customize your Fluff Trough with your pet’s name or face or favorite saying or bling. You can select the font style and color to match your pet's style!

4. Add Gift Wrap and Choose Shipping Method

If you are sending as a gift, we offer a gift wrap option with adorable doggy gift wrap and a handwritten note! When you checkout, you have the option to choose a shipping method.

Due to the pandemic, the shipping carriers are extremely backlogged and there is no way to guarantee delivery dates or transit times at this time. As we get closer to the holiday season, we anticipate the delays will get worse.

Vet Recommended | NON-toxic | bpa Free

Each Fluff Trough set comes with either a dishwasher safe FDA silicone or stainless steel insert so your pet is not eating on plastic. Both of these materials are non-porous and work well with all food types, including raw foods!

Thank You for Supporting Small Business!

The Fluff Trough was invented by a pug mom looking for a better way to feed her pug, Pork Chop, who struggled to eat from traditional dog feeders.

We are proud to be a woman-owned, small business based in Denver, Colorado. Your pet's health, happiness and safety is our number one priority!