It all started with a dog named

Pork Chop

Fluff Trough is a small company based in Denver, CO and was founded in 2018 by Debra and her pug Pork Chop.

The Fluff Trough was inspired by Pork Chop. As a pug, he struggled to eat from traditional feeders because of his flat face and worsening health issues as he got older.

After he was diagnosed with vestibular disease (which causes a loss of balance) he had even more difficulty eating. 

Debra and Pork Chop, Founders of Fluff Trough

something revolutionary

was born

After searching everywhere for a bowl that would help Pork Chop eat better, Debra created a special bowl for him using her 3D printer.

When she shared the prototype with other pet parents, she was amazed by their excitement about using the feeder for their pets, too!

She used the money she had been saving to buy a home to bring the Fluff Trough to market, to help as many animals as possible.


We are proud to use our business for good, in loving memory of Pork Chop.

We contribute to rescues all over the world by donating our product to animals in foster care, as well as a percentage of sales to help support animal rescue. We also sponsor fundraisers and pet events.

We sincerely appreciate your interest in the product, and thank you for visiting the website to learn about the Fluff Trough.