Debra & Pork Chop's Story 

The Pugly Company is a small company based in Denver, Colorado and has been in business since 2018. The company was founded by Debra Ann, a pug lover! 

The Fluff Trough was inspired by Pork Chop. As a pug, he struggled to eat from traditional dog bowls because of his adorable flat face. After he was diagnosed with vestibular disease (which causes a loss of balance) he had even more difficulty eating. 


After searching everywhere for a bowl that would help Pork Chop eat better, I created a special bowl for him using my 3D printer. When I shared the prototype with other pet parents, I was amazed by their excitement about using the feeder for their pets too! 

They believed the Fluff Trough would be beneficial for their pets so I made it my mission to create innovative feeders for pets that struggle to eat from traditional feeders. 

I learned as much as I could about the process of bringing a new product to market and invested my life savings in the tooling needed to manufacture the Fluff Trough (instead of buying a house)! 

Two years later, I am proud to say we have many happy customers around the world, new products coming out and we donated $3000 worth of Fluff Troughs to different rescues and auctions in 2019. We support a large number of rescues by donating product for fosters and auctions, as well as doing fundraising through sales. 

About Us : Fluff Trough - Dog Feeding Troughs, Dog Bowls & Accessories


We sincerely appreciate your interest in the product, and thank you for visiting the website to learn about the Fluff Trough. 

Debra Ann & Pork Chop 

About Us : Fluff Trough - Dog Feeding Troughs, Dog Bowls & Accessories