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All products are on back order due to COVID-19 related delays. We apologize for the inconvenience.
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Hi, my name is Debra Ann, and I invented the Fluff Trough for my pug Pork Chop because he struggled to eat from traditional dog bowls after he was diagnosed with vestibular disease, which caused a sudden onset of loss of balance, disorientation, head tilt, and irregular jerking eye movements.

My world stopped when Pork Chop got sick. He loved eating, but he had lost his interest in eating because of his balance issues. 

After searching for months for a feeder that would help Pork Chop, I decided to make a bowl for him and created the first prototype of the Fluff Trough at home using my 3D printer. 

When I shared the prototype with other pet parents, I was amazed by their excitement about the feeder. 

They believed the Fluff Trough would be beneficial for their pets so I made it my mission to create innovative feeders for aging pets, disabled pets, and pets with medical issues that prevent them from eating from traditional feeders.  

While supporting myself working two jobs, I learned as much as I could about the process of bringing a new product to market and invested my own money in the injection molding tooling needed to manufacture the Fluff Trough. 

I am a small business and don't have the resources of a large company. Since I love animals, I focus on quality and using my business to help others.

In 2019, I am proud to say I donated $3000 worth of Fluff Troughs to different rescues and auctions including Pug Nation Rescue of Los Angeles, Vintage Pet Rescue, Wyoming Pug Rescue, Colorado Pug Rescue, Pug Rescue of New England, Harlee's Angels, National Dog Mill Rescue, Recycled Pets NorCal, Road Dogs, The Pug Queen, and many others. 

I sincerely appreciate your interest in the product, and thank you for visiting the website. 

If you have any questions, please contact me.