Stackable Fluff Trough Lift Kit

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Do you need to add height to your Fluff Trough or Fluff Trough XL to make it just right for your furbaby? 

We now offer stackable lifts which fit both sizes of Fluff Trough.  Each "kit" contains 8 lifts, enough to raise each leg by 2 lifts (or 1-2"). 

*Please note the first set of lifts fit over the legs which reduces some of the height from the first set of lifts. 

Please supervise pets while using the product and don't let them chew on them or play with them. 

Product Information

  • The Fluff Trough stackable lifts are made from food-safe plastic and comes with FDA-approved black silicone feet. Each set includes 2 sets of 4 stackable lifts and non-slip feet.
  • Both pieces are made in China. The production is managed by our contract manufacturing team to ensure a high-quality and safe product. 
  • DOES NOT INCLUDE FLUFF TROUGH. You must order the Fluff Trough separately. 


For Customers Outside of the U.S.

Some countries outside of the U.S. may charge additional Customs or VAT charges. These charges are out of our control and the responsibility of the buyer. 

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"These are the best dog food bowls ever created, especially if you have brachycephalic dogs. I initially ordered two for my two special needs Frenchies who have IVDD. I’ve tried many elevated bowls, but for the first time they were truly able to eat in comfort." -Jennifer 

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