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Vet Recommended by Dr. Kristen Andrews

My name is Dr. Kristen Andrews and I’ve been a veterinarian for 24 years, practice owner for 20 years, and pug mom for 17 years. 

I see a lot of brachycephalic dogs in my practice, especially pugs.  So many of them have neck and back issues as well as issues eating out of regular bowls due to their short noses.

I experienced this with my own pug Chubbs as she started to age and have spinal issues.  I started with elevating her food and water bowls, but the stand had the bowls inset into them and still made it difficult for her to eat and drink out of them.  I then put her food and water dishes on top of the stand and that helped but it wasn’t perfect. 

Later in life she had to use wheels and that prevented her from being able to get close enough to her food and water dishes easily. She also would move her food into her bowl so she couldn’t reach it.  I purchased a slanted bowl to help but we still had challenges with her being able to get her wheels up to it in the correct position. 

Eventually she became less interested in eating as it was a challenge which was heartbreaking as mealtime had always been her favorite thing in life!  I eventually had to start hand feeding her in order to get her to eat.  She was losing weight as a result of all of this.  She passed away right before her 15th birthday. 

I recently put on a pug convention- Vegas Pug Party in March 2019.  Debra asked to be one of our vendors and showed me her fluff trough. 

It addressed all of the concerns and challenges that I had with Chubbs and that other pug and brachycephalic owners have. 

I was very excited for people to get to see and try out the product at the convention and it was a huge success! As soon as they were available, I received one and immediately switched my new pug Saty over to it. It is the perfect height for pugs, and it is so easy for them to eat out of as they can walk right up to it and easily access their food without having to lean over in awkward positions. 

I love the silicone insert that makes it easy to clean without having to put the entire trough in the dishwasher.  And the design makes it so the food doesn’t move into remote corners where it is difficult for short noses to reach.  This would have truly solved all of the problems I had with Chubbs if it had been on the market back then.  I’m so excited to recommend and share the Fluff Trough with my clients and also all of our followers on Social Media. It’s also been wonderful reading all the stories online from pug and other brachycephalic owners about how the Fluff Trough is helping their pets have better quality of life which is what we all want for our 4-legged kids.


 Dr. Kristen Andrews