Rethinking Feeding Time

Imagine hunching over and sticking your face in an enclosed, hard round bowl to eat.

Not only does it make it difficult to swallow food because you're bending your neck at a 90-degree angle, your whiskers and nose press against the sides of the bowl making it hard to breath and uncomfortable.  

Many pets like to eat from plates, take food out of their bowl or be hand fed because it's more comfortable and easier to eat. Can you imagine eating your favorite meal without the proper dishware? 

How did humans come up with the idea of feeding our pets from a round bowl to begin with? We're not sure, but we wanted to come up with a better solution because we love pets! 

Thinking Outside the Bowl 

The Fluff Trough is non-toxic, BPA free and made from high-quality, food safe materials because your pet's health and safety is important to us. 

The Fluff Trough's vet-approved, patented design helps solves many common feeding problems that pets and pet owners face at meal time. 

Does Your Pet Struggle to Bend Down to Eat? 

The Fluff Trough features an open front design so your pet doesn't have to bend their neck at a 90-degree angle to eat. This helps promote better digestion, as well as a more comfortable dining experience.

This can be especially helpful for senior and disabled pets, as well as pets with certain medial issues including, IVDD, Myelopathy, neurological issues, cleft pallets, collasped trachea, esophagus issues, blindness, vestibular disease, underbites, missing teeth, long tongues, etc. 

Does Your Pet Hate Eating from Regular Pet Bowls? 

The Fluff Trough has a wide, flat surface area. Pets that prefer to eat from plates transition to the Fluff Trough very easily because it's very similar to eating off a plate, but better!  

You can spread the food across the wide, flat surface area to help prevent your pet from eating big mouthfuls of food and promote slower eating. 

Is Your Pet a Messy Eater? 

The Fluff Trough has higher sides to help keep more food in the bowl and reduce mess. The higher sides also help support flat-faced pets' natural eating motion. Flat-face pets are messy eaters because use their entire face like a shovel to scoop food in their mouths. 

Does Your Pet Push Their Bowl Around the Floor? 

The Fluff Trough comes with non-stick silicone feet to help prevent the bowl from sliding around the floor and you can set it against a wall for additional support. This helps pets that have a tendency to push their bowl around the floor or tip it over. 

Does Your Pet Eat Too Fast?

If your pet is a fast eater, you can swap out the regular FDA silicone insert with a Binge Blocker insert to help slow them down. 

Does Your Pet Have an Unmatched Style and Taste for Finer Things? 

Lastly, the Fluff Trough is one of the only feeders you can decorate and customize to match your pet's style! How cool is that! 

The Fluff Trough is the perfect feeding bowl and your pet will thank you for getting one for them! If you're not sure what size to buy, please email us at so we can assist you!