Job Title: Remote Part-Time Customer Service Rep / Project Coordinator / Social Media Interactions Assistant 


We are looking for a part-time employee to serve in several different roles. The main focus is responding and resolving customer inquires via a Google Mail inbox and social media. This involves:

  • Being a Fluff Trough product expert 
  • Following our customer service guidelines 
  • Documenting new customer service processes as needed
  • Staying abreast of company policies, product information and timelines 
  • Demonstrating active listening and managing all customer inquiries in a timely manner to ensure nothing falls through the cracks  

The secondary focus is supporting project management efforts which includes administrative duties such as filing invoices and contracts, scheduling meetings, ordering supplies, and communicating and following up with project stakeholders to keep projects on schedule. This is best suited to someone who is highly organized and can manage multiple projects with moving pieces and parts.

The third focus is helping manage Fluff Trough social media accounts, which includes engaging and interacting with people on social media.


  • Provide customer service Monday through Friday and weekends as needed. The ideal candidate will have a flexible schedule and can commit to checking the customer service inbox throughout the day. 
  • Help manage social media engagements as needed. 
  • Help with project coordination and administrative assistant tasks as needed. This will involve managing multiple projects over short and long periods of time, as well as helping with any immediate needs that come up. 

Qualifications & Skills 

  • This position is remote. You are responsible for providing your own home office equipment including a working computer with a high-processing speed, high speed internet, printer, scanner and all other office supplies. If your computer needs to be repaired, you must be able to get backup technology in place within 24-48 hours to resume duties. 
  • Passion for customer service and past customer service experience - always take the high road when dealing with challenging situations 
  • Experience with Google Mail and Google Suite, especially Google Docs / Microsoft Excel  
  • Strong experience with managing Facebook and Instagram accounts 
  • Experience with Twitter, TikTok and Pinterest preferred
  • Administrative Assistance experience 
  • Project Management Experience preferred
  • Excellent written communication skills 
  • Excellent attention to detail 
  • Experience creating organizational systems, cleaning up "virtual messes" and proactive problem solving  
  • Strong understanding of how to prioritize tasks and projects 
  • Strong personal and professional accountability
  • Someone who is not afraid to ask questions or admit when they made a mistake 
  • Ability to work in a solitary remote environment and be efficient with minimal supervision. There will be very few virtual meetings if necessary as management prefers to work via constant email and text messages. 
  • Can pass a background check 

Pay & Benefits 

We are a startup organization in a high-growth period so we need someone who can work independently in a fast-paced environment. While this is a part-time role, it may grow into a full time role. 

The pay starts at $15 per hour, but is negotiable based on experience. If you start at $15, we will do a review after 6 months with a possible pay increase.  

Here are some perks of working for Fluff Trough: 

  • You get to meet Pork Chop, the inspiration behind the Fluff Trough. 
  • Work for a company with integrity and commitment to always doing the right thing and be a big fish in a small pond 
  • Pet-friendly culture - please bring your pet to all virtual meetings
  • Earn Fluff Trough gift cards and swag 
  • Be the first to get new Fluff Trough products 
  • Work in a very casual, low stress but highly efficient environment with professionals who are focused on getting work done, but love to have fun
  • Opportunity to learn about running a startup and other entrepreneurial topics  

We are looking for someone to become a part of the Fluff Trough family and represent the brand with integrity, quality, passion and an open mind. We come into contact with people from different backgrounds and must demonstrate tolerance and compassion to others.

This is a U.S. based position. The ideal candidate will need to be available to work starting no later than 7 AM MST and must be available to prioritize tasks and work in spurts as needed based on inbox flow. We utilize a fulfillment center and must be able to communicate with them quickly to get orders shipped out. 

How to Apply

Due to the high volume of applications, we will only consider applications that follow the application instructions as stated below. Since this is a remote position, we are looking for someone who can follow written instructions to a tee! If you have questions, please contact us at not social media. 

Please submit the following materials to using the email subject line "Customer Service Rep Application: First & Last Name" by 3/19/21. 

  • 1-Page Resume in PDF form (please tailor your resume to the job opportunity to communicate why you are qualified for the position) 
  • Cover Letter in the body of the email covering the following questions: 
    • Paragraph 1: Please summarize why your skills and experience are a good match for the job opportunity. 
    • Paragraph 2: Please describe your short and long-term professional goals, as well as why you are interested in this position and when you are available to work (include start date and when you are available during the day). 
    • Paragraph 3: Please list one skill or piece of experience that makes you stand out from other candidates. What makes you unique.
    • Paragraph 4: Please list any Facebook or Instagram social media experience or expertise you have. If you have a public IG account, please feel free to share. 
  • Optional: Include up to 3 samples of work related to the job (e.g., spreadsheets you've created, documentation you've written, customer service correspondence, social media video, etc.) 

We don't want to make anyone upset so please understand that we have limited time to review applications and may not be able to respond to follow-up emails regarding the status of your application. Thank you very much for your interest in the position!