Happy Customers

We love hearing from our wonderful customers. Your satisfaction is our #1 priority, and we truly value your feedback!

One of the most common things customers share is the Fluff Trough is a life-changing product and the best purchase they've ever made for their pet. We are overjoyed to be a part of your story! 

Fluff Trough Customer Stories 

ZY (pronounced Zigh) got a Fluff Trough filled with a stack of delicious pancakes for his 14th birthday! Happy Birthday to Zy. We love his dad and his matching birthday tux! Reposted from @jose.v.garibay 

Hank was abandoned and his fur was so matted so he had to be shaved. He started wearing Christmas sweaters to stay warm. Hank was rescued by @jellocake and got a Fluff Trough because he is a really messy eater! 

Dotty is a senior wheelchair pug who lives in California, but spends her time as a mental health & differently-abled advocate. In this picture, she is vacationing with her family in Yosemite National Park. Follow her @the_dotty to see all of her adventures! 

Merlin has Pug Myelopathy (a spinal condition) and was raised in a puppy mill for 8 years so he was scared of many things, including stainless steel bowls. His mommy was happy to find an elevated feeder that did not scare him and made it easier for him to eat. 


Bertie has spina bifida which is a rare congenital abnormality in the vertebrae of the spinal column. She uses her Fluff Trough to help her eat more comfortably. She has a wicked sense of humor and you can follow her @bertie_spina_bifida on IG. 

20-year old Jasper from Vinage Pet Rescue is able to eat more comfortably with his Fluff Trough. All of senior residents in the Dementia ward at the rescue get to eat from Fluff Troughs. 

Paco is an unstoppable Eskie who has Degenerative myelopathy (DM) so he uses his Fluff Trough to eat more comfortably. He is always thinking of others! You can follow his adventures @pacokaz on IG. 

Julian is a deaf Julian pig who enjoys borrowing his siblings' Fluff Troughs to eat gelato. You can follow him @julian_the_juliana on IG.

Sally from Opie's Special Needs Bulldog Rescue is able to eat independently using her Fluff Trough in her wheelchair. Opie's is a wonderful rescue organization! 

Marley in the UK was able to eat sitting up for the first time in a long time with no fainting spells. He is from Muffin Pug Rescue in the UK.