Stackable Fluff Trough Lift Kit

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Fluff Trough Size Guide
Do you need to add height to your Fluff Trough or Fluff Trough XL to make it just right for your furbaby?

We now offer stackable lifts which fit both sizes of Fluff Trough. Each "kit" contains 8 lifts, enough to raise each leg by 2 lifts (or 1-2").

*Please note the first set of lifts fit over the legs which reduces some of the height from the first set of lifts.

Made with durable, food-safe materials, the Stackable Fluff Trough Lift Kit includes 2 sets of 4 stackable lifts and non-slip feet.
  • Made from food-safe and BPA-free materials
  • Compatible with the base from the Fluff Trough Silicone Insert Set, Fluff Trough Binge Blocker Set, Fluff Trough Stainless Steel Set & Fluff Trough XL Silicone Insert Set


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For Customers Outside of the U.S.

Some countries outside of the U.S. may charge additional Customs or VAT charges. These charges are out of our control and the responsibility of the buyer. The Fluff Trough base and silicone insert are heavier than most dog bowls so the cost to ship and insure the package internationally is more expensive. 



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So why is Fluff Trough

The best overall pet bowl

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Loved By All Breeds and

Built to Last

If you’re wondering why the Fluff Trough is more expensive than a traditional pet feeder, please consider the Fluff Trough is much larger than traditional feeders and requires more material to produce.

Each Fluff Trough set comes with either an FDA approved silicone insert or a stainless steel insert and the cost of both of these materials is more expensive than plastic.


Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Diane Bedell
The BEST food dish EVER!!

I have two smoosh faced Boston Terriers that ate from a bowl down low on the ground. Purchasing the Fluff Troughs for my girls has been an absolute game changer! And the risers are so amazing! My girls are different heights so having the risers be customizable is a huge bonus.

Courtney Grant
My Pittie loves it!

Just what we needed for my 80 lbs pittie. He can now eat in comfort and peace as my frenchie cant reach his trough.

Dianna Glasgow

The stackable lift kit made a huge difference! We are very grateful for the Fluff products designed to help our flat face friends!

A pug’s best friend!

My 15 yr old pug mix has a pug’s passion for food and the fluff trough is excellent at helping him snarf his food down at a moderate pace (the slow feeder) and keep his spine straight to help his IVDD/arthritis (the leg extenders). He not only enjoys eating out of it at meal times, but also checks it throughout the day in case extra food or treats magically appear!

Cori Grande

Stackable Fluff Trough Lift Kit