2020 Las Vegas Pug Party

2020 Las Vegas Pug Party

We had the opportunity to sponsor the 2020 Las Vegas Pug Party at the Platinum Hotel & Spa to help raise money for pug rescue.

Huge kudos to Dr. Kristen Andrews and her team for planning such an amazing event to bring so many pug lovers together! 

Everything about the event was awesome! Here are a few highlights from our trip! 

We saw Elvis pugs! 

The Pug Party Bus that went up the strip was so much fun! All of the pugs loved it! 

Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth at the Expo day. We sold out of all of the Fluff Troughs we brought! Honey and Auggie were the first to stop by our booth when we first opened. 

The very last day there was an 80's Pug Prom. Everyone got to dress up and dance with their pugs! 

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