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The Fluff Trough XL is a larger version of the beloved Fluff Trough made specifically for larger breed pets. Its unique design is great for messy eaters and pets that struggle to eat from traditional floor-based pet bowls and is currently available in gray and black colors.

The Fluff Trough XL works for a wide range of dog breeds. The Fluff Trough XL is heavier and more sturdy than traditional dog feeders. If you have a taller dog, you may want to consider setting the Fluff Trough on a table to provide additional height. 

The Fluff Trough XL classic design looks great in any room. Each Fluff Trough XL includes one matching dishwasher-safe FDA approved silicone insert to help make cleaning easy and a set of removable silicone feet to help prevent the bowl from sliding around on the floor. 

One of the pictures shows the gray Fluff Trough XL silicone insert next to the regular Fluff Trough teal silicone insert for comparison. 

Product Information 

  • Non-toxic, vet-approved, food-safe, dishwasher-safe, and BPA free. 
  • The Fluff Trough base is made from food-safe plastic and comes with FDA approved black silicone feet.
  • The silicone insert is made from FDA approved food-safe silicone.
  • Both pieces are dishwasher safe and made in China. The production is managed by our contract manufacturing team to ensure a high-quality and safe product. 
  • Height: The base of the bowl (where the food is placed) is approximately 7 inches from the ground. 
  • Dimensions:  See picture
  • Capacity: 4-5 cups of dry food 

For Customers Outside of the U.S.

Some countries outside of the U.S. may charge additional Customs or VAT charges. These charges are out of our control and the responsibility of the buyer. The Fluff Trough and silicone insert are heavier than most dog bowls so the cost to ship and insure the package internationally is more expensive. 


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