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The Binge Blocker slow feeder insert fits snugly in the Fluff Trough so you can convert it into an elevated slow feeder. The Binge Blocker is made from FDA approved silicone and is food safe and dishwasher safe. 

The Binge Blocker has unique grooves designed to help promote slower eating, stop choking and reduce belly aches and vomiting by rapid eaters.

The Binge Blocker is one of the only slow feeders on the market designed for flat-faced pets, but can also helps slow down other pets that benefit from elevated feeders. 

Do you accept the Binge Blocker challenge? 



For Customers Outside of the U.S.

Some countries outside of the U.S. may charge additional Customs or VAT charges. These charges are out of our control and the responsibility of the buyer. The Fluff Trough and silicone insert is heavier than most dog bowls so the cost to ship and insure the package internationally is more expensive. 

Product Information 

  • The image shown is a rendering. 
  • Non-Toxic, Vet Recommended, Food Safe, Dishwasher Safe 
  • The Binge Blocker holds dry, wet and raw food. 
  • The silicone insert is made from FDA approved food-safe silicone and made in China. The production is managed by our contract manufacturing team to ensure a high-quality and safe product. 

Capacity: 2 cups 

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